Discipleship Training Seminars

If they're not connecting to your church, most new Christians lose interest and disengage from church and their new faith-walk within 8-12 weeks of their initial conversion. The solution is clear: Equip your people to disciple using one-on-one relationships. When you host a one-day discipleship seminar, First Steps will equip your church to disciple new Christians using one-on-one relationships and the First Steps Discipleship Workbook.


One-Day Discipleship Seminars Will:

  • Equip your church with a tangible, effective way to disciple others with a foundational discipleship process designed to help new and renewed believers develop a relationship with Jesus  
  • Equip your church to confidently and effectively manage one-on-one relationships used in the discipleship process 
  • Equip your church to use the First Steps Discipleship Workbook to facilitate the discipleship process
  • Instill confidence and motivate your church to care for and disciple so that you reach and keep the harvest
  • Develop implementation strategies that fit your church culture

Seminars resource and equip your church to begin discipling right away. The fee for a one-day seminar is $1,500 for up to 50 attendees.  Each attendee receives training and the First Steps Discipleship Workbook that they'll use to disciple others.

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We also offer half-day, in-house training seminars to equip spiritual influencers of elementary-age children.  With the Discipling Your Child resource, you can lay a foundation of faith for children that they'll use for the rest of their lives.



“...A comprehensive tool for discipling and teaching others to disciple.” 

"The program seems simple...I don't feel intimidated by the process"

   “Practical, clear and easy to understand, foundational”

"I am excited and ready to get started effectively discipling others"

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