Who are we?

Discipling Another desires to help followers of Jesus become disciplers. A disciple has been discipled and then disciples others. It becomes their identity. Wherever a discipler goes, wherever they live, they will look for someone to disciple.


of those who decide to follow Jesus walk away from faithfulness within 90 days of professing Jesus as Lord


First Steps is a one-on-one discipleship plan of proven Bible understanding and practice


conversational lessons can help a new believer develop a relationship with Jesus

You can do it!

Every Christian can disciple. First Steps provides the content to disciple effectively. All new believers (and older believers who need to be renewed) can use First Steps Conversations.

We are to become disciplers… a person who is discipled and then disciples others. Followers of Jesus disciple. Find out more!

LampPost Strategy

First Steps starts with our community and through our community desires to create LampPost Centers that will be a light for discipleship.

Each LampPost will develop 100 disciplers to disciple their community. Find out more!

First Steps Conversations is being used in the USA, Belarus, Russia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Thailand and other countries.