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Wally Martinson, Chair

Robyn Koch-Schumaker, Treasurer

Kim Griffith

Andrea Rogers

Chuck Squeri

Steve Stroud


Grant Edwards, President

Ellen Dudney, Executive Director

Sharon Wildman, Director of Programming

Robyn Koch-Schumaker, Treasurer

Barbara Edwards, Design Development

Jerry Dudney, Technology Design and Support

Scott and Kim Griffith, Church Connector Coordinators

Heather Ives, Administrative Assistant

Hannah Zimmerman, Office Administrator


Andrea Rogers

Kim Griffith

Robyn Koch-Schumaker

Elen Dudney

Grant Edwards


Grant Edwards served as Senior Pastor of Fellowship Christian Church in Springfield, Ohio, for 49 years.

His ministry began during the Jesus Movement during the early 1970s when he led a group of newly converted, scraggly, non-conforming hippies to start a ministry called the One Way House. This ministry grew into Fellowship Church.

Over the past decades, Grant has traveled internationally over 90 times, and throughout the USA teaching First Steps Conversations, a discipleship curriculum, along with other materials. His interest in discipleship began when he realized that 80 percent of those accepting Jesus walked away from faithfulness soon after conversion. His book, First Steps Conversations, is a 49-year researched and practiced one-on-one discipleship plan that reverses this trend.

Grant writes a six-days-per-week blog called Interruptions that focuses on grace, following Jesus, and practices for living with peace, power, and provision in difficult times.

Focusing on training in discipleship and writing blog posts, Grant is now following a calling to be a “good steward of the teaching material” that God has given to him.

Ellen Dudney

Executive Director

Ellen Dudney joined the Discipling Another team in April of 2021, in the role of volunteer Executive Director. She is a Registered Nurse who has served in leadership roles in Stephen Ministries (one-on-one Christian caregiving), and served as both Nurse Manager and Executive Director at the Pregnancy Resource Clinic of Clark County for 10 years.

Ellen and her husband, Dr. Jerry Dudney, attend Fellowship Church, and are both passionate about discipleship. They have two daughters and one grandson.