guide your child to follow jesus

Passing The Baton

For parents and christian education leaders

If you’re a parent, you want your child to have a growing friendship with Jesus. And if you’re a Christian leader, you want parents to be successful! But what do parents do? What do they say? Where do they start?

These ten 45-minute, do-them-at-home sessions cement elementary age children into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Included are …

  • Step-by-step directions so parents know exactly what to say and do. And sessions aren’t just based on talking – there are also fun activities and do-them-together games!
  • Scrapbook pages that help parents document their child’s faith milestones! This book becomes a treasured reminder of a family faith adventure.
  • Fun extras! From movie suggestions to activity pages to games, parents are ready to reinforce the week’s lesson-all week long.
  • Launch and Wrap-Up Parties! Churches get complete party plans to tie this parent-child discipling program to their children’s ministry. (Hint: You’ll love the idea!)
Don’t leave discipling children to chance. Give the children in your life the basics they must know to become lifelong Christ-followers.

Batons can be purchased for each child in our store. Parents will write prayer requests throughout the program and tuck them into the baton. The batons will be passed to your child at the end of the program as a precious keepsake.