What god is doing


Sharon Wildman

Reading an Old Testament prophesy and then seeing the fulfillment of it in the New Testament was eye-opening to those I discipled. The Word came alive to them. They got excited about God, about His promises, and couldn’t wait to read the Bible more for themselves. I learned so much and grew more confident in my own walk with the Lord as I discipled others. When asked questions to which I did not have the answers, I learned to dig deeper into God’s Word and this made an eternal difference in my own life. Bottom line? Discipleship works.

Joyce Smith

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Pastor Paul Kyenge

First Steps discipleship, I believe, should be communicated to as many as possible. Looking at this book has opened my mind to what God intends for His disciples throughout the earth. I recently said to Pastor Grant, ‘I can only imagine how much better I would be in my life and ministry if I had known the level of knowledge and structure in First Steps when I first began my ministry.’ Through my discipling relationship with Pastor Grant, I am quickly learning how to disciple with First Steps. I believe that we can use this material to disciple many in Nigeria.


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